Shizuoka City Toro Museum

The Toro Site is a national treasure, and the museum was built in order to pass on its value to future generations.

The Permanent Exhibition Gallery on the second floor exhibits 400 items, including 200 of the 775 unearthed artifacts which were designated as national Important Cultural Properties in August 2016, and provides an easy-to-understand overview of the site and the history of its excavations.

The Yayoi Experience Exhibition Room on the first floor lets visitors use reproductions of Yayoi tools and experience what life was like at the time. Admission to the first floor and rooftop area is free.Toro Museum is an open museum easily accessible to all.

Audio Guide Rentals (ID card required)
At the Library Desk, visitors can rent audio guides for the Permanent Exhibition Gallery and the Toro-site park. Please fill in the required items on the form and submit an ID card together at the Library.
Available Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean